NASCAR Information

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is essential for racecars. Racing is a dangerous sport. Regardless of whether the driver is a professional or a street racer, they are highly susceptible to a crash. Drivers should make sure that their vehicles are equipped with the necessary safety equipment. True, it can be expensive to add racing features to a vehicle. However, these additions could potentially save a life.

Pro and street racers sustain injuries when they race without protective gear. Some make the mistake of thinking that they are invincible. The truth is that no racer is guaranteed that they will never crash. It is important for racers to take precautions that will protect them during a crash.

There is safety equipment for both drivers and cars. NASCAR considers safety to be a serious issue. Prior to races, all vehicles are subjected to random searches. These searches will inspect brakes, wheels, tires, etc. Vehicles that do not meet the racing standards are not permitted around the track. In addition, drivers that appear intoxicated are disqualified from the race. They may also be required to pay a fine. Racecars drive along side other cars at extreme speeds. Driving around a track at 150 mph is not the place to have a tire fall off its rim, or to have brakes that fail.

Drivers are also required to wear safety equipment when behind the wheel of a racecar. Protective clothes that drivers wear include full-face helmet, driving suits, racing gloves, and fire resistant undergarments. Full-face helmets provide eye protection and are a plus because they protect the driver from head and eye injuries. Racing gloves allow the driver to have a firm grip on the steering wheel that is necessary for controlling the vehicle. Driving suits and undergarments are fire resistant. Therefore if a driver crashes and the vehicle catches on fire, he or she will be protected until rescued.